The Parliament

The Deutscher Bundestag itself 

The Bundestag looks frome the outside like an old building, but when you come inside the building it is really modern. The Parliament is standing in the district Tiergarten and it was build by Paul Wallot in 1894. The building is 47 meters high and in the middle of the building is a glass dome. The large glass dome at the very top of the parliament has a 360-degree view over Berlin. Right under the dome you have the debating chamber where the members of the parliament discuss and debate over new laws. From around the glass dome you can look into the debating chamber. Before you can enter the Bundestag you have to go through security. They check your ID or passport and when it is okay you get a visitors pass and you can enter the building. When we came into the building, whe had to take the elevator to the 3th floor. The bundestag itself has 4 floors. We had to go to the room where the left party comes together to discuss. The rest of the building was also really modern.


One month after Hitler got the title of being chancellor of Germany the building was set on fire by the dutch communist Marinus van der Lubbe. This was on the night of February 27th and the morning of february 28th. After that the building had to be rebuild, but in the second world war the parliament was destroyed again. This is the time where the famous picture of a men from the soviet union raised a flag over the parliament as a symbol that the war is over now. This was the second may of 1945.

Celiene and Nora


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