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This blog is the result of an Erasmus+ exchange program sponsored by the European Union.
But first things first: what are the general goals of Erasmus+?
The program aims to provide young people with key skills for their personal and professional development. It allows young Europeans to help shape the future of the EU.
The program aims to strengthen solidarity and tolerance across borders, thereby giving young people the feeling of active European citizenship.
Thanks to Erasmus+, the partner schools “Albrecht- Dürer Gymnasium“ and “Stedelijk Dalton College Alkmaar” have been exploring Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Four Freedoms and their importance in society, politcs and daily life until now.

What are the four freedoms and their meaning?
>Freedom of speech means that can say and write whatever you want.
>Freedom of religion means that you can believe whatever you want.
>Freedom from want are the main things everybody need.
>Freedom from fear means that you can live in peace.

The Four Freedoms were goals conceived by Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1941. Out of the terrible experiences of World War II he proposed four fundamental freedoms that people “everywhere in the world” ought to enjoy. He wanted all people in the world to live a peaceful life.

Habiba El-Zanati, Norah Glücklich, Lamis El-Chaer


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