Julian Assagne- A public enemy & a friend

In 2006 the Australian journalist Julian Assange founded the platform ‘WikiLeaks’, where he published in 2010 a series of warcrimes which were done by the US-army to innocent people in Iraq. After this, most states saw the US as an enemy. Nine years later, in april 2019, the british police arrested Julian Assange with a charge of 50 weeks in prison.
The only politican who visited him there was Sevim Dağdelen, a member of the german party „Die Linke“.
That is why we asked her about it.

„Julian Assagne is a friend of mine“, she said in the interview.

Ms. Dağdelen discribed wars as something really cruel and disguisting, whose change persons to wild, dangerous people. She connected this discription to the things the US- soldiers did in the videos.

They were killing innocent children, citizen and journalist in the leaked videos, even through those people were unarmed. They did this for fun and in a disrespectful way, she also said. Instead of the US getting a punishment, Assange got the title as public enemy and criminal for showing their warcrimes to the world.

Dağdelen is convinced that he is in prison just for being a real journalist, who is telling the truth to everyone. He is in prison for the crimes other people did.

And we also think that she is right. Everyone should have the chance to show other people what is going on in the world without getting hate for using the freedom of speech.

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